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Think of a place where you can give vent to your imagination to immerse yourself in a fantastic sea of art, design and pop colours created by the great artist Chicco Margaroli..

Think of a new way to experience a 4-star hotel, within which, if you want, you can express all your desire for freedom. Think of a corner of the world to share with someone you don’t know, to open up to authentic and unexpected human and social relationships.

Think of a totally new and revolutionary way of living the hotel, an experience projected to the great world capitals but with roots firmly embedded in the spirit of the place.


The 50 rooms have been conceived in the wake of the same emotional design that distinguishes the innovative Omama’s “free style”, from the facades to the social places. A philosophy suited to the contemporary: to share, with familiarity. A flow of stories, history, elegance and irony. A flow of vital energy.


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