Going Green


At Alpissima we recognize that our operations can have an enormous impact on the fragile alpine environment that surrounds us and our effort is put into being increasingly efficient in green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain our environment for the future generations.



We are aware that the decrease in the global warming also depends on our hotels policies in heating and cooling. Here are our immediate actions:

We have significantly improved overall insulation in our hotels

The temperature in each room is under thermostatic control and can be adjusted independently

We have chosen energy-saving air conditioners and AAA class energy efficient minibars

We installed domotics that turns off electricity supply after the guests have left the room and lights with motion sensors in many general areas

We produce hot water by using environmentally friendly heat pumps

All gas appliances in the hotel kitchen have been replaced with magnetic induction systems

All electricity that is procured is ‘Green’ locally produced energy

We keep lighting in all public areas to a minimum overnight except emergency lighting

We have replaced all lightings (over 5500 lamps) in our hotels with LED energy saving bulbs, which has reduced energy output from 40w to 4w.

All printers have been set to ‘Double sided’ black and white printing as default



We use ozone-friendly gases in our air conditioners and cooling units, and keep their efficiency at top level by maintaining them regularly

We inform our guest about public transportation and encourage them to make use of it. For short trips we provide e-cars and e-bikes – in this way we will also contribute to a reduction of carbon dioxide emission

The majority of detergents that we use for cleaning (dishwashing and for general cleaning) are biologically degradable



We encourage hotel guests to reduce their linen washing, informing hotel guests that they can participate in the towel re-use program

We use toilets and faucets that save water

We avoid unnecessary water consumption by using special water taps and shower heads with water pressure regulation



We strive to share awareness on sustainable development

We try to select partners and providers that share our green values

To reduce plastic waste in our hotels we have banned all single-use plastic toiletry bottles in our hotels, introducing high quality locally produced green cosmetics in elegant dispensers

We know that our guests are drawn to the natural beauty of our mountains and we love to share as much knowledge and information as we can to help our guests take full advantage of the nature and wildlife around the hotel

We promote cycling and walking activities straight from the hotel

We provide our guests with e-bikes and e-car for hire along with a wealth of suggestions and information

We have introduced recycling programs for plastic, paper and glass wherever possible

We minimize the amount of printed materials and reuse them at every opportunity

We recycle all the used paper

We recycle our cooking oil through a specialized company that takes away our used cooking oil to filter and reuse

We have placed recycling bins in our kitchens for organic waste to be composted

We have revamped our cleaning processes to eliminate the use of aerosols and introduce eco-friendly cleaning chemicals

We consider the environmental impacts of our purchasing and, wherever possible, we use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint

Where food cannot be sourced locally then all other food is sourced from Italy



We are a smoke free hotel company and thus we help to protect the health